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This one isn't so much a tip, as a discussion topic. We are in full force wedding season and I have 2 coming up to attend in the next 3 weeks. From what I got from the formal, novel-esque invitations, these will run as "traditional" weddings. This got me thinking. In 2010, does the word "traditional" still mean the same thing in terms of weddings?

Whether it's who pays for what, should the groom not see the bride before the ceremony, seating arrangments or what have you, what needs to stay and what needs to go for a modern day wedding?

Do tell :)


  1. We just got married a year ago (this coming sunday actually). We had a small ceremony with just family and close friends. Totally about 40-50 people. Because we had such a small wedding, we didn't do things "traditionally." We took all of our pictures before the ceremony as not to hold up the reception--and honestly there wasn't much beside the service that was "traditional." I wore a short white dress, my bridesmaids wore a dress that was on sale at macys, the men just wore suits. It was inexpensive and perfect for us. I wouldn't change a thing about how it all went.

    p.s. compared to my friend's weddings, it was MUCH less stressful this way as well. :)

  2. In traditional weddings, you always kind of know what to expect. All those little details, like the who carries the ring, religious ceremony, who sits where, when you throw your flowers, when the husband removes the band from the brides leg, etc...you can expect to see it all at some point in the wedding. In non traditional weddings, you may not find these details. Like maybe the location might no be something you might expect.

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