Why Kate Walsh? Why?!

There aren't to many words to describe this house, but I can think of one...AMAZING. ABC's "Private Practice" star, Kate Walsh, put this Los Feliz house on the market for $4.295 million. Can anyone explain to me why she would move out of this house?!? Take a look! (all photo credits to aol.com)

Hope that brightened up your Friday! :)


  1. My goodness don't know why, it is stunning. Probably too small!

  2. I know right... stunning. i never see houses where I love EVERY SINGLE ROOM. but this is it. the mix of modern and french but still so comfy and warm. ah im in love

  3. I can tell you why. D i v o r c e. She has to split it with the hubby or buy him out.

  4. No she owns the house herself. Her hubby doesn't get anything from it. Moving on I guess.

  5. So i can move in! HOly cow that is beautiful!

    p.s. thanks for your nice comment on the dresser post. I deleted the rude comment, I simply will never understand why people are like that, and they obviously don't have the guts to say it with their name! So cowardly! Urgh... but anyway, thanks!


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