Father's Day Ideas

Father's day is my "the year is half over" mark, and I am having the hardest time believing it's just 5 days away. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!

Ok, I'm done panicking (for now).

For anyone looking for a unique way to say Happy Father's Day, here are a few of my favorite ideas!

The first one comes from one of my favorite places in blog land to visit, Giver's Log. Amberlee is amazing and if you haven't been over to visit her, I would wait until you have a few hours to just sit and soak in her awesomeness.

I guess I am becoming more southern than I ever thought I would be because the idea of BBQ in a Jar, had me from "hello".

It's so easy and what dad doesn't love FOOD!
Start with a pair of wide mouth jars, and add a layer of baked beans, followed by a layer of cole slaw, topped off with pulled pork!

Add a pickle and a jar of homemade lemonade and ta-dah!

Besides food, what else do most dad's love? Their CAR! Thanks to Martha, you can now make a bucket full of car wash supplies look crazy stylish.

Throw in a book of coupon for "free car washes by >insert your name here<" and you have yourself a useful gift he is sure to love.

Lastly, a few of my favorite Etsy finds:
Father'z Day Fork Money Clip (Their spelling, not mine)

For the golfing dad: Personalized Ball Marker in Gift Tin

For the cooking dad: Ash, Walnut, and Cherry Cutting Board

Copper Steak Markers - Tags - with Stainless Steel Stakes Picks

My brother and I got my Dad an iPod for his birthday (2 weeks ago), and I'm driving home to MD this weekend, so he might just be getting a card from me this year :) Anyone want to share what they are getting their Dad and or husband?


  1. Those are some great ideas...the bbq in a jar is genius.

  2. These ideas are all exquisite. I think my dad will love that fork money clip. He’s been requesting for a new one, and this will definitely suit his taste. His birthday is very soon, so I must say that the timing is perfect. Thanks for sharing, Jessica! :)


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