And down they come...

The BF and I have been wanting to take down the ugly, dated sliding glass doors that lead from our dining room into the sunroom, and the kitchen to the sunroom. After cancelled plans for the weekend due to snow, we (he) decided to tackle that very project.
First let me start by saying that the oyster shell shaped chair you see in these photos is not ours. We inheritied it and it will be heading to Goodwill after failing to sell on Craigslist. But for now, that's where it lives.

Here is the BEFORE shot from the sunroom of both doors.

Inside the dining room looking out to the sunroom

Inside the kitchen looking out to the sunroom

Jason hard at work (my job was to photograph and sweep, and occascionally the "hold this so it doesn't fall, be careful it will cut you" person.

Then, on to taking the framing out

Here she goes!

Uh-Oh, take note of his pointer finger, if you can't make it out its pointing down. Why you ask?

Because we can now see into the foundation of our house

REWIND- let's put that bottom part back until we can fix it :)

Here is the dining room entrance doorless. I will be painting the wood where the frame was, the color of the trim.

The kitchen entry: You want somma this?

Knockin it out



Eventually we might put french doors up, but for now we are liking the openness of the missing doors. Next up for the sunroom, installing a wood buring stove. Ooooooohh, ahhhhh. Should be exciting! :)


  1. oh,. I envy you! ;) I would love to have a space like this (and a wood stove!)
    Great job on that project, cant wait to see what you come up with for the floor of the doorway !

  2. Beautiful home!!~ and you are so smart with all your savings! WOW is your Mom like that? I am getting better I must say, but not have I always been like that!!~ You go girl!!~


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