Shopping Trip!

This past week was Super Double's at Harris Teeter (super doubles= they double any coupon up to $1.98. So a $1.50 coupon becomes $3.00. Yes, I know, amazing)

I went a few times but only managed to get a picture of 1 shopping trip.
Here is the run down:

Pictured above:
16 Yoplait Lights- $0.50/1, Used 2 $1/8 (becomes $2)= $.25 each
4 Seventh Generation Paper Towels- $1.99/1, Used 4 $1/1= FREE
6 AquaFresh Advanced 2x Whitening- $3.99/2 (they were BOGO free), Used 6 $1/1= FREE
1 J&J baby powder- $1.79/1, Used $1/1= FREE
5 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta- B2G3 FREE at 2/$3; NO COUPONS, =$3
3 Uncle Ben's Ready Rice- $2.29/1, Used 3 $1/1= $.29 each
1 Quaker Oats- $2.25, Used $1/1= $.25
2 Soft Scrub Foaming Gel Cleaner- 2/$5, Used 2 $1.50/1= FREE
1 9 Mega Rolls Quilted Northern Ultra Plush- $5.99, Used $1/1= $3.99
2 Edy's Slow Churn Icecream- $2.97, Used 2 $1/1= $.97 each
Retail Cost (sales included): $58.81
Final Cost: $9.59!

When your total comes to less then the toilet paper would have been at full price, you know you've done good :)


  1. You definitely have that special touch. That's amazing. I'm headed out today to pick up some bargains (of course, I had to check your site first), but I sure wish we had Harris Teeter's where I live. Well done!!!

  2. I'm actually working on my deals for next week right now, so check back tomorrow for the sneak peek :)

  3. I so wish we had a Harris Teeters.We pretty much only have Target and Walmart and I can't ever seem to find any good deals ugh.



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