Ingredient Chaos

I am a novice cook/baker. And I mean N-O-V-I-C-E. I don't know one recipe by heart and can't convert any form of measurement. If the recipe said 30 tablespoons I would whip out my tablespoon and get to counting. Nonetheless, I have really come to enjoy my time in the kitchen.

Here is the dilemma. We have a HUGE pantry but it is only 4 shelves, and each shelf is close to 2 ft deep if not more. So while there is alot of space, things are easily hidden, and when I try to keep things up front where I can see them, chaos ensues. Let's just say, the "layered" look, doesn't work as nice in the pantry.

The bottom shelf is dedicated to all things baking/cooking. And when it comes to baking, no ingredient really takes precedent, so you have to have easy access to all of them. Enter my attempt to make things easier to find, less messy, and just overall prettier. This is a slow process and will get more containers as money allows.

Before- I know, its AWFUL

What is the start of the After-

Will continue to update as I progress!
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  1. Your "after" pictures are a great start! Great job!

  2. One thing I have doen to re-organize is to add tons of same size canning jars...salt in one, baking soda in another, etc. Also I put my spices in the tiny canning jars. Then they all match and I just add a sticker of chalkboard vinyl for a label! Love your site!

  3. Those look so great! I love the little chalkboards. :)

  4. Oh beautiful, this just reminds me how bad my pantry actually is... back to work!

  5. Looks great...just a tip, keep your whole wheat flour in the freezer...it will go rancid sitting out...ask me how I know!


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