The Writings on the Pillow... literally

I can't sew. I have a great new sewing machine from my boyfriend's mom, but I haven't had any success with the self taught method. I am hoping next time we visit her (at the beach, just thought I would throw that in there), I will get a crash course.
Until then, I will buy pillows, or in this case, just buy a pillow slipcover. I got this one at Target for $4 a while back, and it's a great cover, just a little bland. It's currently in the guest room (still under decoration construction), and now it has a tad more pizazz. FYI: I didn't take a picture of the pillow case by itself, I'm easily excited and forget things! Oops :)

First, I got to use my brand new software, Sure Cuts Alot, for my Cricut. L-O-V-E. I just cut it on basic white card stock.

Then I sprayed the back of the card stock with this wonderful product. Works like a charm every time!

(believe it or not, we are NOT looking for a new place that isn't on the suns surface)
Pressed it into place

Using a foam brush and black fabric paint, started filling it in

Let it sit for a just a minute or 2. Didn't want the paint to crack when I peeled it off, so I removed it before the paint dried.

Here she is! I may add a graphic later on, but I wanted to make sure it was going to work before I got crazy. I really like it. It's sweet, simple and to the point.

I'm curious as to how you other non-sewers make your pillows special. Share your secrets :)
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  1. I absolutely love this. The signs are a bit overdone now, but this is a beautiful altnerative that I love!

  2. Such a sweet sentiment! The pillow is so charming! You did a beautiful job! Love it!


  3. Martha Stewart has some cute pillow ideas on her site. It's funny but I was actually looking at them this morning and then you post this! I really like this one where you make a pillow cover out of a napkin. It looks super easy and there is just a little hand sewing involved which I'm sure anyone can handle! here's the link if you'd like to take a gander!


  4. I love the "Textured pillow!" they are so adorable. another idea is to use 2 sided placemats and just rip the seam at the bottom and stuff it and sew it back up. i actually had some clearnace ones at Target in my hand the other day and chickened out for some reason!

  5. That is so darling. I love it. I'm amazed by what you can do with that little machine of yours.


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