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From the outside looking in, blogging just sort of looks like an online journal documenting things like baby's first steps and family vacations. I have to admit, I used to be one of the outsiders. I never knew what really was behind it all until I began my "online journal" last October.

Sure, blogging is an amazing a way to document the things I'm doing at such a wonderful time in my life. And as long as the Internet exists (could you imagine? How else could I have found out who sings the song in the Kia commercial with the sock monkey and that red thing from Yo Gabba Gabba?) I will be able to look back with a smile on my face at the things I've accomplished and the kind words, strangers and friends alike, have said to me along the way. I know one day when I am old and gray, I will be grateful for every second I sat in front of the computer typing away.

But what the outsiders don't know, is how influential these .com's can be. I'm very passionate about this little piece of real estate I have here in Blogland, and I don't ask or expect anyone else to be. I LOVE to write, and I love to be creative and I've found this blog to be a great outlet for both. I am proud of the projects I have done, and of the information I have shared. But both of those pale in comparison to how proud I am to have inspired the people in my life to take a step outside the box and try something new. Receiving a text message with a photo of a monogrammed tote bag a friend had made (Renee it was perfect) or hearing stories of couponing success from people who had never thought twice about clipping a coupon (hey Kerri), truly make my day.

The one thing I never expected from this, was the amazing camaraderie. It is a remarkable thing to read comments and emails from people I have never met, who support me like we've been BFF's since the third grade. This feeling of sisterhood is actually what inspired me to write this post. My new friend Jan from Bobbypins Boardwalk (check out her master bedroom walls, thank me later), has been incredibly supportive and a huge inspiration. She wrote a post thanking me for a package I sent her, that I literally had to stop reading because it made me tear up. Not sure when I became such a huge wimp. Nonetheless, it made me realize that it doesnt matter if you were born decades apart, or live hundreds of miles away, we are all here for the same thing. We are here to share our stories, our successes, our failures, and our love of all things creative.

Thank you so much for accepting me into such a wonderful soriety, for taking the time to read my little blog, and for being such amazing and supportive people.

You guys rock! :)


  1. I agree with you 100%!! I used to be an 'outsider' too and didn't realize what all the blog fuss was about. I started my blog last month and I can't begin to describe how much fun I'm having with it! I am truly inspired by what other people create and write, and now that I can be a part of it is amazing.

  2. Yes, I agree, too! And Jan is a huge sweetheart! I love her blog.
    It's nice to have a spot where you can put yourself 'out there' and not worry about people being rude or mean. I'm so glad to have found blogging, too, and apreciate the tone everytone sets- "If you can't say something nice..." It's refreshing!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  3. Jessica, I agree with your sentiments. It's like "blogland" is a world of its own, with more support than I've ever experienced in the real world. I feel like I've more friends now than I've ever had, and I am so blessed through these friendships. You wrote about it very well. Your post conveys my thoughts too, and I value your friendship, and thank you for the plug :) Emily, RM -- you are both dears!!

  4. Blogs rock!! I wish I could keep mine updated as well as you do. "Adventureland" only happens on the weekends though.


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