GO GET Make-Up at Rite Aid!

Happy Tuesday All!

I felt the need to share this infomation in case any of my couponing readers are looking to snag almost FREE MAKEUP. And when I say almost free, I mean I bought all of this...

2 Cover Girl Tru Blend Mineral Foundation- $25.98
1 Cover Girl Tru Blend Mineral Blush-12.99
1 Cover Girl Tru Blend Bronzer- $12.99
1 Cover Girl Tru Blend Compact- 12.99
1 Cover Girl/Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer- $12.99
1 Almay Intense i-color Mascara- $7.49
1 Almay Intense i-color Liquid Liner- $7.49
1 Almay Intense i-color Pencil- $7.49
1 Almay Intense i-color Shadow Trio- $7.49
1 Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara- $2.49
RETAIL TOTAL: $110.39 (ouch)

I PAID: $.98+tax (and even made $.50 on the Rimmel)

I know, it was amazing and the Almay stuff is what I use daily. I will also be getting a $5 Single Check Rebate back from Rite-Aid (Buy 2 Almay Cosmetics get $5)!

Here is how it's done:
This week at Rite-Aid all Cover Girl cosmetics are BOGO FREE. On top of that, all Almay cosmetics are BOGO FREE!
In the 2/7 PG insert there is a BOGO Free Covergirl Coupon (face products).
In the 3/7 RP there are $1/1 Almay i-color coupons.
You need this $5/$20 purchase for watching a series of Ad-Perk videos at riteaid.com (so simple, only takes a few minutes)

I get multiple Sunday Papers so I was able to do this transaction a couple of times, but even if you only get 1 or 2 you will still be fine!

Deal Scenerio:
Buy 2 CoverGirl Face Products @ 12.99 (most of the higher end stuff is at that price. You can also buy one thing at $12.99 and one at any price LOWER)
Buy 2 Almay i-color products @ $7.49 (most everything in this line is about that price. Again, it could also be one at $7.49 and one priced LOWER)
TOTAL BEFORE TAX HAS TO BE ABOVE $20. The lower priced item of each pair will ring up at 0$ because they are on sale for BOGO Free
Total for this scenerio is: $20.48

BOGO Free Cover Girl Product
2 $1/1 Almay products

So that looks like this:
20.48-5-12.99-2= $.49
I was able to do that transaction twice, and then just one Cover Girl BOGO transaction by itself.
Here is the Rite-Aid Coupon policy. I didn't have any trouble, but print it out and take it with you just incase. It states clearly here that using the coupons in this manner is 100% completely acceptable!

IF TOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK!! I know it can be hard to explain deals like this in writing, so if you need further clarification, leave me a note :)

**The Rimmel came from Target. I had a $3 coupon for any Rimmel Mascara from the March 2010 All You Magazine!


  1. There is no way I could keep track of all that, let alone do it. I'm glad you can, but that is way too much work for me!!

  2. What a deal! I just bought some make up and plus a good friend of mines husband works for a big department store and she just loaded up a bag of freebies for me....you are really good at the buys!!~

  3. You are UNBELIEVABLE!!! We don't have a Rite-Aid. dog gone it.

  4. Hi, I just love your blog. I was wondering when the sale at riteaid is over?

    This is amazing and I have a ton of the B1G1 covergirl coupons

  5. anon- the sale is valid through this saturday the 13th! please let me know how you do!!

  6. I'm so glad you posted this Jessica! I have those Covergirl and Almay coupons just waiting for a good deal! I'll be going to RiteAid tomorrow! Hope to see you soon!

    PS Jason looks great and I bet you do too from your diet and exercise routine!

  7. well this is by far the best deal i think you will get on makeup!!
    yeah he does look great lol he has had alot more change then me, but i think were both happy with how hard we have worked and how good we have been with our eating. its tough but very rewarding :)


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