Here's a Tip Tuesday!

Welcome to another HATT!

I could eat an entire can of chocolate icing with an entire box of graham crackers and consider it a well balanced meal. What's that you say? I could double the amount of frosting from that little can?

Thats right!

All you need to do it whip it for a few mintues in a mixer and you can double it in size. Not only will you be able to frost more cupcakes (or graham crackers) with the same jar, there will be less sugar and calories per serving. And who ever thought that more chocolate icing=less calories. Have I died and gone to heaven?

I NEED this cake pan.

** Forgot my camera at work last night so I didn't even get to take any pictures but I tell you what, I made 24 of the cutest little Green Velvet Cupcakes, got them all liberally frosted and had some to spare!

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  1. That is a wonderful tip because I, too, love icing and sweets yummmm. Have you tried the Prairie Farms Birthday Cake ice cream? It is astoundingly delicious. You must try it.


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