Here's a Tip Tuesday: Grillin' Time

**Before we get started, here are a few add on's to the tips from last weeks edition:

Sarah let us know: "I use baking soda to clean my shower!! It is amazing.. I used to scrub and scrub with those nasty chemicals and now it is a cinch!"

Amanda filled us in on more lemony goodness: "Just the other day, I learned if you cut a lemon in half, dip it in salt, you can scrub your pots with them and they'll look shiny & new!"

Regan added: "Lemon~ freeze left over rind for a quick way to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal."**

Thanks so much ladies!! :)

On to this weeks HATT!

Last weekend Jason bought a massive, 140lb box. 3 hours later, a brand new commercial series, infrared, something-rather, grill was born. And I can't wait to sink my teeth into a piece of beef that has done some time on this baby (how to vegetarians do it?!?).

So, it seems fitting that with my mind on the grill, that I pass along a few tips about said topic.

Whenever barbecuing, use tongs to turn the meat. A fork should never be used as it will punch holes in the meat and allow the natural juices to escape, causing the meat to lose flavor and become chewy. Turning only once during cooking time is recommended.

When grilling corn, baste with butter or olive oil just as you would baste grilled meats.

Tomato and/or sugar based BBQ sauces should be added only at the end of the grilling process since these products burn easily.

Use leftover pineapple rind as "wood chips" when making tropical dishes.

Have some of this on hand at all times, (I use it on everything even in rice and on baked potatoes):

BBQ Rub:
1/4 firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 cup sweet paprika
3 TBSP black pepper
4 TBSP coarse salt
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp onion powder
2 tsp celery seed
1 tsp cayenne pepper

If you're mouth isn't watering right now you might want to check your pulse! :)
Do you have any tried and true BBQ tips or tricks to the perfect grilled meal? Do share! :)

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