Here's a Tip Tuesday: Where's the beef? (and chicken)

I have found the toughest thing to coupon for is fresh meat. I just want to let you know, it can be done! The best part, NO COUPONS! Very simple. And this brings me to...

THINK AHEAD. Do not, I repeat, do NOT say, "I think I'll make chicken tonight" and then proceed to the grocery store to pay some $4/lb for chicken breast. You are being R-O-B-B-E-D.
The solution, scan the meat case every time you are in the store, whether you are planning on buying meat or not. Trust me, I know I sound like the anti-couponer, but impulse buys for meat are the only ones that fly with me.
There is a catch of course. FYI: Never in a million years did I think a shot of raw meat would make it on my blog.

Those little orange stickers are the ticket.

You see there, this chicken was being sold at $4.99/lb last week, no freaking wonder it's still sitting on the shelf.
Do you also see the Sell By date? It's the 22nd. I bought these on the 21st and they are now nestled happily in my freezer, and my money nestled happily in my pocket.

Not convinced?

How about a Pot Roast for a family of 4? Or for just Jason and I and then 3 lunches for me during the week?

Let me tell you, it was yummy. I crock-potted it yesterday with potatoes and carrots.

The moral of the story:
Look for meat that is going out of date within a day or so. Take it home and freeze it so when you do want to cook it, you aren't forced to pay what the store is asking for it that week.
I'm just saying.


  1. That's a really great tip -- now where is the surprise???

  2. I use to be a manager for a big box grocer-not only can you find meat marked down, but also some deli items (breads)-and 99% of them do well frozen. I had to live off markdowns when I worked-not enough money for house and food! ;) Actually, it wasn't that bad-but I love getting a 4lb roast for just a couple bucks! The best time to go is on a Sunday when the specials have changed and they have some left overs (like: roasts in july-). You just have to keep an eye out for them.


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