My Etsy Shop :)

I'm so excited (even though I only have a handful of items listed at the moment) to annouce the opening of my Etsy shop; The Paisley Lane.

A little background...it's called The Paisley Lane because Paisley Ln was the first street I ever lived on. Seems like something crafty/decor-aty has been my destiny since I was born!

Below is a picture if the types of items you will see in my shop. It will mainly be an etched glass gift shop if you will. There will be lots of options for personalization and monogramming (who can resist a monogram??).

In the coming days/weeks more items will be added, so come stop by!

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  1. That's amazing! Congrats on your shop opening... I am brainstorming about opening my own shop in the way off future :)


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