The Best Couponing Week of My Life

I want to preface this post by saying that I am not usually a “hoarder” in terms of my couponing stockpile. I don’t have enough toothpaste to last us until we’re 30. I don’t have enough toilet paper to TP every house in the Greater Triangle area. I don’t have enough canned goods to feed the Navy. I have a handful of things I got at great prices and I am fully satisfied with my methods.


There comes a time when the stars align and the coupon God’s give you the IDEAL couponing week. I’m talking the Dream Team of couponing deals. Everyone’s perfect week is different, so others may not have thought this week was all that. I did. And a bag of chips.

Last thing, buying this many boxes of cereal doesn’t seem that crazy when you and your significant other can go through a box of it in 4 days. FYI Special K is our favorite. Stars=aligned. I did 98% of my shopping at Harris Teeter this week, with one transaction at each Walgreens and CVS.

Here’s how this will work. I am going to post the pictures and the total retail and the total cost to me. At the end of the post there will be a FULL tally of the items I bought and a grand total of actual retail, and what I paid out of pocket.
**Some of the transactions have been combined so there won’t be 100 pictures of groceries on here

Here we go! This is a judgment free zone :)

The actual retail price is: $76.26
My out of pocket cost: $14.08

The actual retail price is: $57.88
My out of pocket cost: $2.87
This was the BEST day. My total for the Lysol, Special K cereal, Special K bars, and Weight Watchers snacks was actually -.08, so I had to buy a pack of gum to get it back in the positive.

The actual retail price: $40.94
My out of pocket cost: $14.16 (Will be submitting for a $10 rebate for this transaction to J&J)
Total after rebate: $4.16

The actual retail price is: $59.97
My out of pocket cost: $5.54

The actual retail price: $45.20
My out of pocket cost: $.11 (yes, eleven cents)

NOT PICTURED: 8- Special K Cereal; 1 Hormel Turkey Lunch meat (I guess after so many shopping trips you just forget to take pictures of your food…)
The actual retail price: $28
My out of pocket cost: $3.20

Here are a few of the receipts so you all don't think I'm crazy:

32 Boxes of Special K
(Most don’t go out of date until December of this year so at our rate we should be fine. I felt like the crazy lady with 12 cats when I typed that number!)
12 Special K Cereal Bars
9 Kraft Shredded Cheeses
6 Weight Watcher Snack Cakes
4 Nivea Chapstick
4 Finish Dish Detergents
4 Heinz Ketchup
3 Hormel Turkey Lunch Meat
3 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
2 Yoplait Delights
2 Wet One’s Hand Sanitizers
2 Spot Shot Carpet Cleaners
2 Oust Air Sanitizers
2 Aveeno Shampoos
2 Aveeno Conditioners
1 Aveeno Body Wash
1 Lubriderm Lotion
1 Dawn Foaming Dish Soap
1 3Pack Ivory Soap

TOTAL AFTER REBATES AND ECB’S (CVS reward program)- $18.02

Nuff said.


  1. i am so happy for you but SO jealous! i only made it to HT once and i just wasn't as prepared as i should have been - i got home and realized i totally messed up the special k deal by only getting 2... the "buy 4" deal wasn't fresh in my mind. and they were out of the bars. ugggh. i so need more time to get better at this! it doesn't help that the closest/best harris teeter is like 15-20 mins away.. that just doesn't make things very convenient.

    BUT you did an awesome job - do you have room to store all that stuff?!?! :)

  2. OMG that is just amazing!! We never have the opportunity to use coupons like that here in Canada :(

  3. Love to see good deals like this! Hopefully I can get this good :)

  4. Can you please post the deals for each of the stores so we can duplicate your sucess? Thanks

  5. Ulili- These days were only in effect for 1 week, which expired on Wednesday. I'm sorry!!

  6. You have no idea how this post made my day. This last week I bought a total of 35 boxes of cereal, cheap(although not at THAT great deal like you!) & everybody thinks I'm crazy. We too eat a ton of cereal, I'll be lucky if it lasts us more than 3 months! The embarrassment was really getting to me today so..thank you, thank you, Thank you!


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