Guest Room 1 Preview

If you've visited my blog before you know that I have 2 bedrooms on deck to be decorated. I have to admit... I'm nervous. I have no experience decorating or any REAL education about it. All I have are my two hands, a few bucks and some time.

This will be my first, full room "before and after" and although I can't wait to finish, I'm terrified to get started!

With that said, here is a look at the room in question from all 4 corners. This furniture is my BF's and TOTALLY not my style. But, I will do my best to work with what I have.
** sorry some of the pictures aren't great, when I was facing the window they darkened up on me. Pardon the mess, it was post Christmas chaos in that room, and bedding was coming off to be washed!

Going to be hard to part with the seriously small ceiling fan with an energry efficent bulb showing off all off it's energy saving goodness. Ha! It's funny though right?

I hope to have this room completely done by the end of February, but with the weather being so cold, I'm not positive the furniture will all be completed!


  1. Can't wait to see it!! You have great decorating style.. it will look great! Good luck!

  2. That ceiling fan DOES have to go! You could replace it with a prettier one, and have it hang down a little rather than be right up against the ceiling. I would also suggest some crown moulding to make the room look more elegant.


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