Coming right along...

I am really feeling good about 2010. I have a feeling I will finally take the plunge and live up to the words I have written about room makeovers in our home. It's scary to commit time and money to something without knowing how it will turn out. But, you live and you learn I guess!

I am going to be getting the paint for our master bedroom Friday of this week, and ordering our new bed hopefully by the end of the month! I just have to make sure I am 100% on the bed before I take the plunge :)

I've also got a few things going on in our guest bedroom, and I am DYING to try out my new paint spray that the BF got me for Christmas but when it is 23 degrees outside, my slippers and blanket get the best of me. So, without a garage, I might have to wait until the weather gets above 50 again to head outside for any period of time.

Shout out to the BEST big brother in the world. He lives 20 minutes from the IKEA in Philly (while I live 3 hrs from the one in Charlotte) and he went on Saturday to get the Malm Queen bed that was on sale for $99 on Saturday only. After standing in line for some time, he got it J THANKS ERIC!!!!

So I have got 3 new beds on the brain (master and 2 guest rooms), and hopefully 1 completed room very soon!


  1. Your brother is a DOLL!!!!!! Love love love both of the beds...can't wait to see what you do!!!!


  2. I just found your blog two days ago and I love all of your ideas and decorating style! I was wondering how do you find out about all of the good deals you find? Is there a website? Keep on blogging! :)

  3. Sarah:
    i tried to find a contact for you on your profile so i could email you, but hopefully you will come back and read this.

    I am a couponer as well and there is one website i love more then most and it Hip2Save.com (link in my blog roll). She posts deals not only about grocery stores and drug stores, but anything at all that will save you money. such as victoria's secret and that IKEA bed deal. if you have any other questions let me know! my email is jupchurch84@yahoo.com if you would rather email me

  4. oh, I love that Ikea bed! Your brother rocks..

  5. Jessica: Thanks for letting me know I love good deals and I just started couponing too.. although I'm still not very good at it :) But hopefully it will get easier.


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