The Ceiling Fan VS The Chandelier

Alright, here is the dilemma. In the first floor guest room, we currently have a dinky white ceiling fan, and when I say dinky I mean it's blades can not be more then like 18 inches (and that's a stretch.) It doesn't have a globe on it, and it is strutting it's energy efficient bulb like it is going out of style (which we all know it's not). Don't believe me? see photos here

So now that I am giving this room some life, the BF and I have a disagreement. I want to put just a classic simple chandelier to make it feel a little more special (we have 4 bed rooms, each has a fan, and so does our living room. What can I say, we're fan people).
The BF wants a fan, because he says it's the room that gets the warmest in the summer. We don't have a ton of guests, so I feel that I shouldn't have to sacrifice my chandy for a few nights out of the year.

So I got my Google on and found a few pics that gave me something visual to compare.

Ceiling Fan



(Could this room be ANY awesomer?)

Please don't judge the rooms based on their design, (because the Chandy rooms kick butt), but on the lighting element.

Can a girl get a little back up? Or should I let this one slide?


  1. I can see the dilemma you are in! A fan is nice in a bedroom for someone who is a hot sleeper.. A chandelier in a bedroom gives the room elegance.. I think it depends on how you are decorating the rest of the space. Based on your inspiration pics for the guest bedroom I'd say go with the chandelier. But hey what do I know?

  2. I am trying to find a way to do both in my living room. I saw a blog (can't remember which one) where a girl in an NYC studio had combined a fan with a simple crystal chandelier. Now it didn't have all the swoopiness of the chandeliers you're looking at, but it added elegance without taking away the breeze...unfortunately I have no idea how to do it. But it might answer both problems. :)

  3. ps. apparently a well worded google search was necessary (doh) http://www.lampsplus.com/Products/Fan-Light-Kits/

  4. C- haha all i needed was a little back up! thanks

    Shan- there is some really pretty stuff on that site, some that arent even chandy-type haha! thanks for the link!
    I'm more confused now :)

  5. Love your blog!

    My BF and I live in an unusually warm condo almost all year round, even when it's -30 outside! This is because we don't have central air or proper air circulation. I would love to side with you (girl power), but I have to agree with him. Keeping your guests happy is the most important thing. Trust me, it's no fun sleeping in a very warm room. However, I do like the idea of a ceiling fan and chandy in one. Please don't sacrifice comfort for style!

  6. lucy- thank you :)

    I love a ceiling fan in the bedroom too, which is why i would NEVER give up ours... so i was just hoping that i could get one bedroom without a fan to add a touch of elegance. boo. fine. :)


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