I finally broke out my Cricut for a round of practice yesterday. And while I love everything it can do, I can't wait for my Design Studio to get here! It's going to be so much easier and so much faster to do projects with it (a huge thanks to those who recommended it!)

So, on to my first project!

I bought come Con-Tact paper at WalMart the other day to do some glass etching (love), so that is what I did my practice cutting with. I used my Storybook cartridge and did different sized things to get a feel for the pressure/blade/speed combo.

Now that I started, I'm hooked. I wanted to etch everything in sight. But, I contained myself and went for a lonely old wine glass. I think it might have turned out better if it was on a thicker glass, or if my Armour Etch was newer (it was feeling a little grainy in the bottle). But it was still a fun little project to get a feel for my cricut without just sitting there cutting out a bunch of G's in different sizes.

I am the worst when I get excited, I forget all about taking pictures... do i feel a New Years Resolution in the making?

PS-Etched glass is the hardest thing I have had to photograph to date.

If you can't read it clearly it says "HOW MERLOT CAN YOU GO". Again, sorry for the terrible pictures. I was in a hurry and I took a bunch but there was an overhead light so the glare was B-A-D.

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  1. That came out nice, I've never done etching before. I need to try it out!

  2. It turned out really nice. I've never tried etching and might just have to see how it's done.

  3. Very cute! You won't be sorry you got the Design Studio :)

  4. My Armour etch is grainy too, I think that your batch is fine. Welcome to the boards, I look forward to seeing more of your crafts!

  5. I love glass etching! your project turned out great!

  6. Your first project turned out great. I like your cute saying. Good luck with your cricut. It will be a blast, once you start using it.

  7. This is genius! "How Merlot Can You Go?" IS SO CLEVER! I'm still laughing. So beautiful, great idea, tons of fun. I might give this a try! Thanks for inspiring and motivating. Artie @ Color Outside the Lines.


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