4 days without a post is very unlike me! But don't get too excited, this is just an update that things are progressing right along in the Guest Room and that is where I have been spending my time and energy. I don't really want to post any of the things I have done since I am a fan of seeing a big before and after!

But, I will share that I went through my Pottery Barn Bed and Bath issue last night and boy was it good timing. There is ALOT of gorgeous and inspiring things in there. Just happens to be the style I am shooting for in the GR. Here are a few of my favorites.

First, I noticed quite the trend with mirrors in this catalogue. They're in sets of 3, above headboards in a lot of these shots. LOVE.

Next, a few headboards that made me swoon :)
(pictured in "real life" in the first picture in the post)

I'm having a secret love affair with shabby, teal tables here lately too.
Even though these are all gorg, the blue is by far my favorite!

Same with this one :)

Lastly- lots of adorable lamps!

I hope to be back soon to share some goodies of my own!

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