$20 Give Back

Earlier this month I wrote about a post about giving back during this time of year(If you missed it, you can check it out here).

In a nutshell, I have given myself a challenge. I will only spend $20 this year for my donations. With my knowledge of coupons, I plan to make my $20 stretch to $100.

Here what I have so far:

(This was all free, and I actually earned $2 to Target by buying this cereal)

Here is what I got today-
This little devil is usually $1.59.

But using this coupon here, I got these for $1.56 (.29 each) for all 5 including tax!

Retail (what everything would cost without coupons)- $26.95
Paid- $1.56
Left to Spend- $18.44

I hope that you too will challenge yourself to donate as much as you can! Good luck!! :)

** My donations will be going to the Food Bank of Central NC


  1. Jessica... can you specify the coupon? Your link goes back to the whole list of Target coupons, and I can find the 1 dollar off Up diapers or wipes... but, that means each wipes would be $.56, not $.29...

  2. Sorry Jennifer! These particular item is on a price cut for $1.29. Not all stores have this cut though. There are 2 stores in my area, one has them one doesn't. But the one that doesnt have them on sale, has a refill pack of toddler flushable wipes on price cut for .97 cents. You can use the coupon you found ($1 off up and up wipes or diapers) and get those for FREE! good luck!!


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