Before and After- Fireplace and Mantel

Nothing on this planet makes my heart skip a beat like the smell of a burning fireplace. Sitting around a crackling fire with a glass of champagne, under a big fuzzy blanket....hmmm... I hope heaven has a fireplace.

Unfortunately, I do not get those same feelings when I look at our fireplace.


This picture actually makes the fireplace look nicer than it is in real life. It is an old stove type fireplace (which I actually think gives it TONS of character) but it is discolored in spots and needs some TLC. The brick surround is dated and dingy, and sucks every ounce of light out of the room. Oh, and the mantel? It's so HUGE that thinking of how to decorate it makes my head spin.

But, out of a month long trial and error period, I have found peace with my new fireplace and mantel...you will just have to wait until I can be at home while there is natural light for me to take the pictures :). And since I commute an hour each way to work, and day light savings time as ruined my life (exaggerated but still true), I am never home in the daylight during the week. So, with that said, don't hold your breath, because by the time Saturday comes around you might be a little Smurfy (if that doesn't make sense just let it go haha).


  1. Can't wait to see your after...we will have a fireplace in our new house and I need ideas for how to decorate it! I feel like standard time is ruining me too! I start making dinner around 5:00 and it feels like I should be getting ready for bed!


  2. I am sure as soon as I post I will change something else, but i guess that is what always happens!
    Im just happy the fireplace got done just in time for the cool fall nights. im really excited to post it so i hope you like it!!


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