Give Back

The time of the year is coming where those who are fortunate enough to be able to, will give back to those who aren't. I'm going to start a little challenge (with myself mostly) but would like to see who would be willing to come along for the ride. I am setting aside $20 this holiday season. That's it. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but that is where the challenge comes in.

With my couponing knowledge I will make that $20 go further than me writing a check for $50 would.

The first things I bought with full intention of donating, are the items in the photo below.

The Fiber One cereal I got through the Target deal here. I actually only spent $3 or so out of pocket and for a $5 Target gift card. So I am not counting that as spending any money as I actually earned $2 to Target by making that purchase.
The Suave body wash I got for free during a Harris Teeter Triples week a few weeks ago. So it is a good start and I have not spent any money yet.

Retail- $19.00
Paid- $0
Left to Spend- $20

I will keep you posted as I make more purchases to see how far I really do make this $20 go!

If any of you decide to join in on the fun, please send me a comment or a link to your posts about your donations!
Happy Hunting!

** My donations will be going to the Food Bank of Central NC


  1. That's an awesome idea! I have a small collection of goods that I got for free or made money on that will be going to a homeless shelter here in Chicago. It is crazy what you can get with a little know how and coupons!!

  2. it really is a wonderful thing. I am not able to sit here and write a check for $100 on a whim, but i sure can take 20$ and buy almost that much in good that those people will be able to use! when you cant give alot, give smart!


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