You can't win em all

I was really exited when I found this post about DIY roman shades. I love the look of fabric shades but i don't love the price tag.

Well it started off really well but I'm making this post more about the things that went wrong.

When it came to cutting the cords, perfect, easy. Cutting the fabric, eh could have been better but that was totally user error.

The hardest part was making sure the shades were even and aligned. My shade bowed out to the side because I didn't keep them all in a straight line. My suggestion would be to work next to a wall that you can keep the mini blinds flush with so you ensure the blinds are even.

Also, you should probably avoid doing this with a solid color light fabric. The glue on the fabric and the blinds themselves was very noticeable.

Maybe it just takes some practice, but for now, I think I will be window coverless. Maybe in a few weeks I will give it another try!

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