Target+Glade= :) & $

Ok, let me first say that I know that this post is going to scare some of you non-couponers, and lead you to believe I live my entire life in excess like this (which I don’t, scouts honor). And for all you couponers, I hope you’re cashing in on this deal!!

Every so often, a deal comes along on a product that I love, that will actually MAKE me money. In the world of couponing this is called a “money-maker” (we are simple people). The product this time happens to be Glade Scented Oil Candles. You know, the ones that are chubby little triangles that melt into a pretty glass dish and then disappear and go out when they are done. Well, I must say, I have A LOT at our house and I got A LOT more the last 2 days. They make your house smell wonderful, and you don’t have to have half burned, black charred jars of candles around. If you are a visual learner...here you are.

Ok, so enough about the actual product- Here is the deal:

At Target from now until the middle of December-ish, if you buy any 5 participating Glade Holiday Scented (yummy my favorite) items (priced on special for $2.50 each), you get a $5 Target gift card. I am sure some of you are saying to yourselves, “Self, why would I spend $12.50 to get a $5 gift card? I think I will just keep my $12.50 and be on my way”

Silly you. Remember the $400 billion dollars out there in coupons that no one cashes in on? Some of those coupons are for Glade products.

So here is how I did it- (remember for every 5 products you get a $5 GC)
5- Glade Scented Oil Holders (the tin or glass holder where you put the little wax miracle)
5- Scented Oil Refills (4 pack)
I had coupons for $1.50 off each Holder, and a coupon for “Buy a holder, Get a refill free”.

So my total was $5 out of my own pocket, and I got $10 back in Target Gift Cards.

I have done this 3 times now (again, excessive I know) and twice, the cashier has messed up, and either given me too much off of my coupons, or has rung a coupon more than once. One time I didn’t realize it because I will filling out a comment card as to how nice the cashier was and how appreciative I was for his help with my coupons (they will probably think I was so pleased with him because my total was only $2.70 after tax because of his mis-ringing). And the second time, at a different Target, the girl rang one up twice. I went to CS and told them and they thanked me and sent me on my way with my total of $3.22 standing.

So at this point I have spent $12.xx of my own money, and have $30 in Target Gift Cards.

But wait… theres more!

SC Johnson has a rebate going on, buy any 3 products of participating brands and get a $5 rebate (they send you a check to cash like real money). Guess what? Glade is one of the brands! You are allowed to do this 3 times per household, totaling $15.

So the final tally-
Spent- $12.xx
Rebate of -$15 cash
Gift cards totaling- $30 to Target.
I have earned $3 cash, $30 in Gift Cards, a little gift for my brother (we aren’t giving gifts to each other this year, but he L-O-V-E-S the apple cinnamon ones, so I’ll share the wealth…or at least the candles :))

I would post a picture but to be honest, it is a little embarrassing to have 30 Glade products from 2 days at Target!


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