So you need a job?

I thank my lucky stars that I get to wake up and come to a job that I like every day (even if the commute is 1 hour each way...eek I know). With unemployment at its highest since I have been alive, I know there are a lot of people who are not as fortunate as I am.

My best friend Shelly has an interview tomorrow (good luck!!!). I told her the key to a successful interview was to prepare yourself. She then asked me to help her prep for it by sending her some sample interview questions.

The bottom line is, an interviewer wants to hear what you can do for the company. They do not care that you like to paint in your spare time or that you have a goldfish named Bubba. They want to know how your experiences and knowledge can help make their company better and more profitable. Make every answer circle back to how your abilities fit the job description.

The link that I found outlines 7 typical interview questions. I agree with them 100%because my last 2 interviews followed these guidelines almost exactly.

So here are the questions.

PRACTICE your answers so they are smooth and natural. Don't wing it and then get flustered and fumble over your words or forget important details.

I know finding work can be challenging, so don't let those rare opporunites slip away because you didn't take the time to prepare yourself.

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