Lifes a Beach, and We Need Your Help!

This weekend is going to be a very exciting one. The BF's beach house is done (finally)! It has been a long waiting process, but now that it is complete everyone is thrilled. We are moving his mom down there on Saturday (can we say... jealous?). To be able to wake up every morning and smell the salty air... maybe when I retire, and at the rate its going thats a good 60 years from now

The pity party is over! Here are some pictures of the house, some before it was finished, some after it was complete!

Her she is!! :)

Guest Room:

The rear :)



yummy- Uba Tuba granite and stainless steel

I LOVE the doors in this place and the gleaming hardwoods!

Now, the part where you come in. We need a name for this little beauty.
Here is some back ground/ideas to get your thoughts brewing:

Georgia (whether it be the state or the UGA Bulldogs)
Obviously, something beachy
The house is a minty/seafoamy green
Play on words

So if you have any fun ideas please leave a comment!! I will let you know the final verdict when it is decided. Happy thinking :)


  1. Georgia Beach (as opposed to Georgia Peach)...

    Hmmm...I'll keep thinking. :)

  2. You are thinking along the same lines as I was... Peach at the Beach was my suggestion! Keep thinkin!!! :) :)

  3. Those are both cute! What about the green peach?

  4. Or the Georgia mint. Of course then you could never paint it.

  5. or just change the name! haha!

  6. Well it is green - thus mint comes to mind
    Georgia is in the south so - I think julep
    And at the beach most do some drinking so how about - The Beach Julep



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