Welcome to my life

I never thought my life was interesting enough to write a blog to keep all my VIP's up to date on my whereabouts and fun-doings(?). And to make it clear, I still don't. But I have found within the last few months that the most inspiring and creative things I have found on the web (or net, is "web" like totally 90's?) have been from women just like myself who have decided to share their passion with the world. A lot of those women are stay-at-home moms or people who use their blogs for business purposes but not all of us (so sadly) have that luxury. So I will use my little piece of the blogosphere to share my most inner personal thoughts and feelings. No, I'm kidding, I know how much trouble diaries can get you into... David Letterman.



Ok, so I'm new at WRITING jokes, I'll get better as I practice.

But seriously, I will use this space to share my frugal shopping stories and tips on how you can get them too, and my journey, my extremely slow journey, on the decorating and renovating of our house ("our" being Jason-my boyfriend and I). And really, anything else i deem writeable, because It's my blog and I can.

Glad you came along for the ride!

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