Gift Guide 2009- Personlizing Pyrex

Not only is this gift easy on the bank account, it is just so darn adorable. I have given this as a wedding gift for my friends Kasey and Bo, a Valentine’s Day gift for Jason's mom, and one for my Dad to give his friend Jessica as a thank you for making him Tater Tot Casserole (the man has a thing for the tot).
Everyone loved them!

Oh and of course, I have my own.

It's a really simple thing that, in my opinion, makes a big impact. Not only is it handmade by you, it is personalized for the receiver. And that, my friends, is the tag team of great gift giving.


Here is all you need:

-A Pyrex baking dish (You can get these anywhere, I get mine from Wal-Mart with the red lid)
-etching cream
-A vinyl stencil with your name (Erin is wonderful to work with! Make sure to check out all the other vinyl they have... TONS of great ideas floatin around there!)
-Small Paintbrush

1. Put your vinyl stencil on the bottom of your dish
2. Using your paintbrush, fill it in with a thick coat of etching cream
3. Wait 30 minutes
4. Wash it off
5. Peel the vinyl off

That's it. Easy peasy. This is a permanent application and will not come off in the oven or dishwasher.

**This post is not featured over at A Soft Place to Land's DIY Day, and Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage! Take a look at all the wonderful projects over there!

If you like these, but don't want to make them yourself, I will happily take orders!
WARNING- it is cheaper to do it yourself! :)


  1. Saw your link on DIY Day - I LOVE this!! WAY better (and cuter!) than using masking tape and a Sharpie to mark your Pyrex! :) I think this will be one of my next craft projects and I will keep this in mind the next time I need a bridal shower gift!!


  2. What a cute, creative idea! Love it.
    pk @ Room Remix

  3. Very neat idea!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. What a fun and smart idea! love this.

  5. I think I might just do this! What a great idea!

  6. What a wonderful idea! And no more little paper tags on casseroles you take to other people -- they can't claim "I don't know who it belonged to." You're one smart cookie!

  7. I have two weddings coming up and I just saw a really nice 3-piece pyrex set that is perfect for newlyweds. Add their names with the etching cream and it takes, nice idea to fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing! I have you bookmarked and will coming back often! Deborah

  8. Great gift idea. We were given one when we got married. It was great until I accidentally dropped it & it broke. Boo hoo.


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