Frugal Finds- Coat Hooks

Arrrgggggg (haha, that made me laugh when I wrote it), we are going on a treasure hunt!
Wow, I'm sorry about that.

ANYWAY- The point of this post is to share one of the little hidden treasures I came across last week at TJ Maxx. I know sometimes those stores can be overwheling but if you have some time on your hands and can slowly meander through, it's not so bad.

Good news- uber adorable, vintage, green (my favorite!)

Bad news- 1 of the hooks is broken :(

Silver lining- got this baby for $3.00!

Don’t shy away from things like this. Perfect doesn't equal beautiful.

When I decide to take on this project, I will just unscrew the remaining 3 GORGEOUS hooks, paint them or not paint them is TBD, and make a new fresh coat rack with only 3 hooks. Easy as pie. And I still get to use my new favorite hooks, I will just have to get my hands dirty to do so!

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