Ornament Wreath

I'm sure 99.9% of you have seen this over at Eddie Ross, or at one of the other 1,000 blogs of the women who have made this. But, I'm going to share mine because....well, I can.

I don't usually decorate with red, and I like that Christmas gives me a reason to add this pop of color to my usually very neutral house.

$10 for the ornaments from the dollar store! Great score when you see them priced like this (which I think is very not cute)

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  1. I've been wanting to do this project but can't seem to find a good deal on ornaments. I will try the dollar store! Are you using glass or the plastic ornaments?

  2. to be honest i dont even know what they are haha! i think they are glass, they are shatterproof. you will need 10-11 tubes of all different sizes. they have great colors to choose from. i think my next one will be all creams/silvers. good luck and i would love to see how it turns out!!

  3. Oolala!! Love the red- I usually have red in my Christmas decor also, but this year, I think I am going with neutrals and metalalics... We'll see!
    I love it, though, and it is SO much prettier than that ugly H.D. one!!

  4. I love all the red!! Very nice version of this wreath!

  5. I love it! It's so fun to see everyone's version of this ornament wreath. No two are alike.

    I made one also and will be posting about it tomorrow.

  6. No I am not sick of these yet. Yours tuned out very nice. Come on over and check out mine in pink!

  7. No I am not sick of these yet. Come on over and check out mine in pink!

  8. It turned out really cute!


  9. I love the way it looks with your mirror!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  10. I love love love this! The red truly bursts right off the gorgeous mirror! Beautiful!

  11. I don't think one can ever get tired of a beautiful ornament wreath! I love the vibrant reds that you used in yours. Great job.


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