The Blizzard and the Wedding

I have not been doing much but traveling here the last couple of days but now that I am at my parents house through Christmas I have a few mintues to post. I don't have any fun and exciting crafts (sigh) but I did help my mom with a wedding she had to do today (yes, a Tuesday wedding, I'm as confused as you are).

First, I wanted to share what I came home to.... pictures are courtesy of my mom.
Some were taking during the snow, and some after... you should be able to tell which is which!

Because of this wonderful blizzard my 6 hour drive turned into close to 8, but I'm here safe, what more can I ask for!

Now, on to the wedding. My mom owns a florist so "luckily" I was home to help set up this wedding. It was taking place at a hotel, the wedding and the recepetion both. Here are some pics of the goods

I will be short on posts through Christmas but if anything fun happens I will be sure to post!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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  1. What beautiful flowers! *Crossing my fingers for a big snow after seeing yours*


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