For the Love of Cranberries!

I'm not sure where my affection for the cranberry comes from, but I'm not going to try and fight it. There is something about that deep red color that just makes me weak in the knees!

So, I was meandering around BHG today and found some really cute ideas for decorating with cranberries I thought I would pass along to any fellow cranberry lovers out there...


Cranberies+ Huge Upper Case Letter:

Cranberries + Tiny Hanging Topiary: (maybe the cutest little thing I ever saw)

Cranberries + Cake Stand + EverGreen:

Cranberries+ The Most Beloved Christmas Decoration of All Time (not including the tree of course):

Last on the list, but number 1 in my heart...
Cranberries + Place Cards

Anyone else got love the cranberry?

Or is it just me?

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