Enjoying vacation

I'm still on vacation from work (will go back 1/4/10) and I am loving it! I just got back from MD yesterday and have spent most of my time back shopping, organizing and unpacking. It will take me a little while to get back into my routine but I am itching to start some new projects with all of the goodies I got for Christmas. If you didn't know my hobbies before, this should about sum it up!


  1. Wow, what wonderful gifts! YOu are a lucky gal!!

    I was born in Maryland, and lived there a while- still have family there that brings me back. What part are you from? It's such a nice state. I lived in southern Maryland, who I hear got snow dumped all over them before Christmas!

  2. I am from right outside of annapoplis! if you take a look at 2 posts down, you will see the 2 feet of snow that they got as well! we had a white christmas to say the least!

  3. I love love love your blog!!! Your blog is my new favorite blog!!!! Thank you so much for introducing me to....... [my heart is still pounding after reading this.....] ...... Habitat for Humanities Restores!!! I have NEVER heard of such a thing!!!! I am visiting MD this week (where I was born and raised) then heading to VA, and we've already visited tons of thrift shops, my car is packed, and now I see that I have a handful of ReStores to hit up before heading back to Maine! I was also happy to see that there were a handful near where I live now!
    I look forward to reading your blog the most now, and can't wait to read your future entries!!
    Thank you so much for blogging!!!!
    I found you through Funky Junk Interiors mentioning you tonight!
    Keep up the excellent work!!

  4. Happy new year sweet thing!!!!! I see you got a Cricuit for Christmas....here are a couple of blogs to help you....www.mypinkstamper.com & www.creationswithchristina.com They both have videos and helpful tips for using your Cricuit. ENJOY!!!

    Evie evichevy@verizon.net


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