Window Shopping for the Master

As I have mentioned in prior posts, I am planning to finally decorate our master bedroom come the first of the year. I don't mean RE-decorate either. I mean, we have no dresser, no bed (just a mattress on a frame), no night stands, no nadda. Well, that is, if you don't count the plasma TV hanging on the wall (haha, guess you see where our priorities are).

I have been dreaming of a swanky gray/charcoal/white color scheme to escape the neutrality of our otherwise cozy, airy home.

The wall behind the bed will be a really dark charcoal so I want the bed to be white so it pops from the wall and the charcoal comforter I have.

This is the one I think I am going to purchase at the end of the year.

It's not thrifty or frugal but you know what, I think I have lived long enough with no bedroom furniture that I should be able to splurge on at least one piece of nice, lush, (effortless on my part) piece of furniture.

nailhead trim=swoon :)

If anyone comes across something like this with an inexpensive price tag, let a girl know!


  1. You should absolutely TREAT yourself to a lovely bedroom!!!!!! It is where you retreat to fill your soul...and for some reason we put it last on our list. I am new to your blog and am in the LAST quarter..lol....but a feel a kinship with you.


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