Color of the Year 2010: ???

According to Pantone the "it" color of 2010 will be...(drum roll please)... TURQUOISE

I personally L-O-V-E turquoise but use it sparingly around my home.

Any thoughts on this bold color choice for the home decor color of the year?


  1. You know- I love this color, but I just couldn't fit it into my home... I have picked a palate of mostly 'masculine' and neutral colors (ex: my kitchen color is called MUD- which changes in the light from a dark army green to a dark muddy brown), this would probably look totally out of place. I like to use pops of colors, and I usually pick limes and sky blues in the spring and summer, and reds and oranges in fall and winter. Metallics all year round! Brown is the 'new black' in my home.... I don't think this really answers your question though, does it?? :P

  2. I love the color also. It's hard for me to find the right color turquoise though. I end up going too blue or too green. I recently chose some paint in the turquoise tone to paint my dresser. I found myself at Lowe's asking strangers, "Does this look too blue? Are you sure it's not hunter green"? It's a tough color to get just right. I bought the paint and now that I have it home, I am convinced it is too green, but then again, I've changed my "C" 3 times. Perhaps I'm a bit indecisive. Still lovin your blog!

  3. RM- no it doesnt but that is ok!! My kitchen is a dark green as well. my house is very neutral. i have one beautiful turquoise vase in my dining room, and a few splashes in my entry way but that about does it.

    Jan- your right, but i think all paint colors are hard to choose but white. i was doing this just the other day looking at light gray. i couldnt tell whether i wanted gray with blue undertones, green undertones, brown undertones. picking out paint STRESSES ME OUT! thats why i hope and pray there is a color on the Oops rack so I dont have to pick!

  4. Ha ha! My colour of choice always tends to be whatever shade of red/gray/tan is on the oops rack!!! I love turquoise and depending on whether we're expecting a boy or a girl in the new year (if it's a girl she'll be sharing a room with Ava) then I may be turning our spare room into a home office/ craft room and really want to paint it turquoise with zebra accents. There are some great inspiration pics on hgtv but I only feel brave enough to paint a little out of the way room such a bold colour! Otherwise I'm all about the neutral.


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