Cheap Paint

I am fairly new to DIYing and home improvement so I don't have a big stash of paint and supplies to make all of my projects really inexpensive. One of the things that I find myself purchasing is paint. Whether its craft paint, spray paint, or canned paint, I usually need to get some when I work on something new and don't want it to be white or black.

I think I found a solution to my paint problem! I was in the Habitat Store yesterday and I was debating a purchase so while I was thinking, I wondered into the paint room. It is a little scary in there since its just a bunch of used, beat up, paint cans, wall paper and some other random things. I was looking for a pea soupish green and a sky blue for a beachy project I am doing as a Christmas gift and I walked in there telling myself "there is NO way I am going to find the colors I am looking for."

I will never listen to myself again.

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  1. I love the Habitat Restore! We have 3 in our area, and I try to get to each one as often as possible! They all carry so much different variety!

    Great find! I need to head to one and see if I can find paint for my bedroom.


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