Hot Chocolate on a Stick and Mini Pies

I was in such a huge hurry last night that I took ZERO pictures of these. I wasn't even going to post them because of that reason, but I thought, "who I am to deprive these wonderful people?"

First, Hot Chocolate on a Stick. Who knew?
I will post a few pictures from AmberLee's website "Givers Log". It is where I have been spending A LOT of time lately! Here is the link so you can head over to check out the details. They are super, great, little, inexpensive, (adjective overload) gifts, I hope you give them a try!

8 oz. REAL chocolate-bittersweet, semisweet, milk, and white chocolate all work (she goes into greater detail about the type of chocolate to us that I suggest reading before trying this)
1/4 cup cocoa, sifted
1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar, sifted
pinch of salt

Nutshell Directions:
-Melt chocolate in a double broiler
-When almost completely melted, take off heat and continue stirring until fully melted
-pour in dry ingredients; mix well
-put in a Ziploc bag and pipe into ice cube trays
-put your stick/spoon/candy cane/etc in the top
-let sit
Again, she is a WAY better tutorial-er than I, so I will let you read more about that over at her place.

Next up- Mini pies in short, fat jars. Sara over at Our Best Bites had this genius idea to bake single serving pies in tiny mason jars. If I got the jars just by themselves I would be happy. If they had cheeks, I would pinch them. Cuties.
Same deal- My short condensed version here. Her amazing awesome tutorial there.

This was very simple. I have never made a crust before and I was able to do it!

These are the little studs

When you make your crust you don't have to roll it out or anything, just press the crumbles around the jar

Fill it with fruit of choice (I actually used canned because I was in a major pinch)

You need a top crust but it also needs to vent. I did all of mine with the lattice because it majorly increases the cutest factor.


Now, since I explained nothing at all really to you, please go pay these gals a visit and check out their amazing tutorials for 2 fabulous and creative gifts!

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  1. Oh my! Everything looks so tasty...now I am hungry again!


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