Wine Bag

I saw this little project over at kojodesigns and since I am making a wine basket for my secret santa this christmas I thought this was a great little addition. And for $1 for both (versus $8 a piece at Pottery Barn), I thought I could swing it and stay within my budget.

All you need is:
a sweater sleeve
needle and thread, or sewing machine (it is only one little line to sew so if you don't want to lug out the sewing machine, doing it by hand would only take a second.)

All you need to do is cut the sleeve of the sweater, flip it inside out, sew the bottom (not the cuff side), turn it rightside out.

Then you can either make pom poms like I did, or use ribbon, or twine, or whatever your little heart desires to make the ties. I just wrapped it around the neck a few times, then crossed them and pulled to make a tight hold.

That's it! I didn't take step by step pictures, but over at kojodesigns you can get a full tutorial if you need it.

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  1. These are really cute! With all the sweaters you can find at thrift stores this makes for an inexpensive project too. Thanks for the idea.

  2. What a cute and fun idea :-) The pompoms are a nice touch :-)

    I like your little gold trees behind your bottles of wine too :-)

    Thanks for your comments on my office makeover. I'm really happy with the final result. I think it actually came out even better than I'd envisioned it :-) It was a lot of work, but well worth it :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  3. i am planning on making stockings out of sweaters - what a good idea for the sleeves!

  4. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing.


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