CVS Trip

Along with recently becoming addicted to thrifty home decor, I have quickly become an avid couponer. For more details about that, check out this post here (you are in for a big reality check:))

So I thought that I would start posting some of the deals I get to maybe nudge some of you in the direction of keeping that hard earned money right where it belongs, in your bank account.

This is kind of a moot point now since this deal was active last week and is no more, but better late then never!

Buy $25 worth of select Gillette items, Earn $10 in ECB (ECB= Extra Care Bucks, which is like a coupon for a $ amount to use on your next purchase)
I purchased:
1 Gillette Fusion Razor- $9.99
2 Gillette Body Wash- $4.99 each
2 Gillette Deodorant- $5.49 each
Pre Coupon TOTAL: $30.95 (plus tax)

Coupons used:
1-$5 off any $25 purchase
1-$4 off Fusion Razor
2-Buy any Gillette Deodorant, get a body wash FREE
2-$1 off Gillette Deodorant
$7 in ECB I earned from my previous purchase
Post Coupon TOTAL: $2.97 (plus tax)

I earned $10 in ECB toward my next purchase since I bought $25 worth of Gillette products

Earned $7.03


  1. I started couponing a few months ago but haven't had the guts to try the CVS and Walgreens deals yet. (They can seem a little confusing/overwhelming when I look through the ads! And I'm a little scared to try multiple transactions - I know those are key to really getting the best deals!) Anyway...Is there a particular site you recommend to figure out those deals and coupon pairings?


    p.s. I am MyRepurposedLife Gail's daughter. :)

  2. I just blog stalked you and got your email. i wrote a much more detailed message there! good luck :)


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