Secret Project Revealed

I'm at the beach for the weekend! Probably won't stir up as much jealousy since they are calling for snow and all, but still :)

I am visiting my boyfriends mom since I will be heading home to Maryland for Christmas with my family next week. The reason that is important to you, is now I can reveal my "secret project" because I will have given her the gift by the time I post this- (yes I am writing ahead because I will be away, you're welcome haha!) It's not a big thing, just something I thought she might like!

It only cost me about $5 all together, and here is what I needed:
-A frame from the thrift store- no need for a back or glass, just needed the wood
-Piece of scrap wood, cut into a rectangle
-Fishing net
-Star Fish
-Stamp Set

I get really excited about projects and ALWAYS seem to forget to take pictures of the steps and supplies. I am still new to this, but I will try very hard to remember next time.

Without further ado-(side note, its not hung on the wall because it was a gift for someone else, so don't mind that its just sitting on the floor)

Stella knew something fishy was going on....chirp chirp...no? :)

It was really simple since It wasn't supposed to be perfect. But I did have to make sure it was not perfect, perfectly. I can't help it.
All I did was paint the frame the with the green paint I got from this post, and I just dipped the tip of my paint brush in water first as to kind of thin it out because I still wanted to be able to see the grain of the wood.

Then just painted the rectangle a white I used for other projects, roughed it up with some sand paper, and added a dab of stain to darken some of the corners. Then I stamped my phrase with a Typewriter Stamp Set.

Glued some fish net to the back.

Drilled holes and ran wire through both the plaque and the frame.

Glued on a star fish. And that's it!

Hope it was worth the wait :)

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  1. That is so cute! Well done! Your pooch is so funny, was she scared of that starfish? I can just see her getting ready to sniff'n'dash, you know... "just to be safe" ;)


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